about aejaa

Aejaa is a space created for people to share creative efforts in real time. It was conceived out of the need to collaborate remotely, without compromising audio or visual quality. Aejaa is not bound to certain styles or genres or trends. It is made to keep friends motivated and creative in a sharing environment.

Aejaa offers FOUR rooms for exploration: the visual room, the sonic room, THE PORTICO and the library.

The visual room connects visual and sound artists around the world in real time performances streamed within the platform.

The sonic room shares the same philosophy focusing on sound. It gives the user the opportunity to choose what they want to hear and even mix the sound sources they believe fit together. The user then becomes part of the performance. 

The PORTICO IS THE SPECIAL EVENTS ROOM. OPENED CURRENTLY FOR our first open call, directed to artists of all disciplines. we are welcoming projects and ideas to expand our artistic community.

The library contains material either performed in aejaa or created by its friends throughout their creative times.

Aejaa is a space for people to see and listen something happening now in the creative mind of its friends. It is a space for curiosity and entertainment.